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Private Music Publisher for Bodwolf & Telvolk, Carnivoira is Private Studio,

Bodstage is "Johan" Bodwolf's Live Event Support

Live Event Services

Live Event Support Southwest WY

When hiring "Johan" Bodwolf for your live event, we bring our portable stage (The "Bodstage"), live sound equipment, and basic stage lighting, depending on your needs.... Locally run and owned, no more reason to export your money and import expensive setups for your live shows and events.

Active Duty, Veteran, and First Responder Special Rates

We Support Our American Heroes.

How It Works

When you put on a live event and hire Independent Contractor "Johan" Bodwolf, you are hiring him to bring his equipment (portable stage, live sound, basic stage lighting, depending on your needs), to supervise and instruct  your employees and/or volunteers to set up and take down the equipment, and protecting said equipment and persons under the umbrella of your event's insurance.

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We will discuss your needs for your Live Event's and help you draw up a plan.

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Independent Civilian, Johan Bodwolf's Bodstage

Evanston, WY 82930, US

(307) 220-7780

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